Windows 7/8/10 install

Microsoft Windows is installed on millions of home computers with various versions ranging from 7-10. We can perform a clean install  or perform an upgrade to Windows 10 for you while keeping your data safe. An OS upgrade can provide software enhancement.

Install/update drivers

If there are any faults with your drivers, they might need updating as most don’t auto-update. An outdated driver can cause issues for your computer and won’t include the latest security patches. Upgrading your OS doesn’t always install the sound or WIFI Drivers needed.

Virus Removal

We can remove most viruses without the need to reinstall the OS. We’ll also make sure your computer is protected in the future and will recommend which virus protection would be the most suitable for you. Can also remove them remotely for your convenience.

Health Check

Computers work best when maintained. By performing a regular health check of your computer can give you an idea of how to keep your computer in tiptop condition and prolong its life. 


Slow Computer?

Is your computer running slow, performing unusual or are you tired of your old PC?

We can optimise your PC’s speed and performance that will help speed it up and will increase your work and productivity. 

Remote Access

I can fix computer problems on qualifying faults on a one-off service or contract without having to come to your home by using Remote Access. By using this service, it will allow me to take over your computer remotely and repair most faults which is convenient for you.


Setup your Email Client or fix Outlooks server settings and fix corrupted data


Remove Vuruses, Malware, Spyware and all PopUps can install an Adblocker


Setup software correctly as long as the required credentials are available


Settings can change during Windows update, i’ll make sure there set up

Some of the services that I provide and a brief description of each service.