Do you have a slow Computer?

Over time, Windows becomes slow to an extent where it becomes painfully slow which makes you want to buy a new computer. I can perform a TUNE-UP than can refresh your old device, increase the loading of applications. I will perform a full virus scan to make sure your computer is virus free and no malicious software is clogging up your storage. Cn also optimize your device so it boots up at a timely manner.  



Tune Up

Computers and desktop PC’s are used daily for a wide range of activities, such as checking email, browsing the internet playing computer games and word processing. But the more you use your computer, it can start to fill up the hard drive from background items, cookies/ cache and personal documents which can make your computer start to run slow.

System Cleanup

We can run special software on your computer that will search through all files and programs, anything redundant will be removed. The type of stuff this removes can be unneeded installation files from installing new software, cache, internet history, black files and many more.

Bloatware Removal

When manufacturers are setting up computers for sale, they like to install extra software which does nothing to improve the user experience. Most pre-installed software can take up a lot of space on the machine, which loads during boot up and can potentially slow the system down. You may notice that half of these like to start up automatically during boot.

Software Upgrade

So, you’ve got a PC/ Laptop that is a few years old, running fine but your software is outdated, you might think that you need to buy a new one? Well, in most cases this isn’t true, if your hardware is compatible then you can easily upgrade your current OS to Windows 10. If you would like to upgrade your OS or other software applications, then contact me today so I can offer you the best solution.

  • Tempory files clean
  • Application start-up clean
  • Disk Clean up
  • Disk Defragmentation (Not for SSD)
  • Software Updates (Where Available)
  • Driver Firmware Updates/ Install (Where available)

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